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On-A-Roll Lifter

Wave goodbye to dollies, pallet jacks and sore backs. With the Ultraflex On-A-Roll Lifter™ Save Your Back. In minutes, with no strain to the back, you can lift heavy or wide rolls associated with today’s larger and faster print runs. Lift media up to 400kg and up to 5m wide.

Save Money.
Avoid costly and dangerous mistakes that result in damaged media by using the secure On-A-Roll Lifter™.

Save Time.

On-A-Roll Lifter™ allows a single employee to safely handle oversized and heavy media.

Save Space.

The On-A-Roll Lifter™ is designed to operate in the tightest of print rooms.


1.    Nylon safety straps allow solo users to pull media rolls of up to 400kg into the securing tray for transport.

2.    The foot pump allows you to raise the material for transport with minimal effort.

3    Heavy-duty rotating casters allow users to navigate through standard doors and narrow passages.

4.    Pushing awkward rolls around corners is no longer a concern.

5.    Slide your media rolls right up to the printer for efficient loading.