About Us

We are the European division of Ultraflex, a family-owned business and long-time supplier to the signage and graphics industry across the United States.

Ultraflex Europe has been based in the UK in St. Neots in Cambridgeshire since 1995 and whilst we trade independently from our parent business across the Atlantic we benefit from the knowledge sharing and purchasing power.

Ultraflex Europe supplies high-performance digital print media. In our 18,000 sq ft facility we carry large stocks of flexible PVC media, speciality substrates and polyester textiles for speedy delivery to our printer customers and graphics bureaus. We are a growing business, that’s been selling large format media since the early days of wide format print and we have become well regarded as a specialist for media rolls ranging up to 5m wide.

In 2020 we accelerated our growth with the acquisition of a well-established customer, Mayday Graphic Products, a business with a 40-year history in the commercial offset print market. The merging of our two businesses added Litho customers and new products like self-adhesive vinyl’s to our business portfolio.

Ultraflex Europe aims to be the preferred supplier in this specialist market of print media. We supply a diverse range of printing plates along with inks, pressroom chemistry and consumables. Our comprehensive inventory helps businesses create show-stopping soft signage, building wraps, banners, floor and wall coverings, tradeshow graphics and much more.

We also partner with the best hardware suppliers in the business which enables us to offer our customers Agfa wide-format Hybrid, Flatbed and roll to roll printers and on the Litho side Fujifilm digital presses.

We are fiercely committed to providing our customers with product solutions. We only supply products that are reliable, consistent, and compliant. Media that transforms into selling products, telling stories, and communicating meaningful messages to audiences everywhere.

Core Values:

Problem Solving

For more than 25 years, we’ve engineered innovative, tailored and relevant solutions for customers around the world.

A customer-first company

Our exceptional sales and customer service teams are fiercely devoted to helping customers meet their ever-evolving media needs.


This is the backbone of our business. We are honest, trustworthy and committed to compliance – qualities that have helped us build a successful presence in multiple countries.

Reliable, consistent and vast inventory

Consistent product performance and delivery provides a stable solution to customers, so that they can set their production up with reliably consistent products, build colour profiles and processes, to ultimately increase operational efficiency. Our global stock position helps ensure we can always deliver, and customers can count on us for even their most demanding production timelines, we currently have over a 99% stock fulfilment rate.