Fujifilm EM Setter 8 Up CtP Platesetter

Thinking of going processless’? Now could be the perfect time with Fujifilm’s new EM Setter, 8 up CtP platesetter that works hand-in-glove’ with ZX Superia processless plates from Fujifilm. With high standards of quality and reliability, the combination work together seamlessly, with substantial savings in time, cost & labour, not to mention the huge reduction in waste generated through the pre-press process.

The EM Setter is a fully automated, highly productive 8 page thermal CTP system. Capable of producing up to 55 8up plates per hour, the EM Setter offers a unique combination of speed, automation, high image quality and economical cost of ownership.


  • Productivity: Up to 55 plates per hour
  • High precision dot reproduction developed by latest imaging technologies
  • Compatible with most 8up and 4up presses
  • Maximum plate size: 1163 mm x 940 mm
  • Low maintenance
  • Automatic inline Punching option
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Long-life plate clamp system, minimizing service intervals and cost


Good Compatibility - Compatible with most 8up and 4up press formats With a maximum plate size of 1163 mm x 940 mm x 0.3 mm, the EM Setter is compatible with most 8up and 4up presses, whilst retaining the flexibility to accommodate the smallest size, of 400 mm x 300 mm x 0.15 mm plates. Its integrated punching system also enables the production of press-ready plates for most commercial sheet-fed presses.

Automatic Loading - Fully automated plate loading, The EM Setter is equipped with a 4 cassette autoloader system with automatic interleaf removal. Each cassette can hold up to 100 x 0.3 mm plates, allowing it to run unattended for extended periods.

High productivity and quality - High productivity and high quality imaging, the 256 channel “Spatial Light Modulator” imaging system is capable of exposing up to 55 1030 mm x 800 mm plates per hour. The imaging head produces a sharp-edged distribution of energy, resulting in high precision dot reproduction.

Lower costs - Low cost of ownership, the lasers and imaging head used in the EM Setter are supplied with a 3-year laser warranty. The system also features a long life clamp design, reducing machine maintenance downtime.

Helping the environment - Reduced environmental impact, the EM Setter encompasses the latest technologies to reduce energy consumption during operation, minimizing its impact on the environment.

Recording systemExternal drum
Plate size
Max1163 mm x 940 mm
Min400 mm x 300 mm
Plate thickness
Max0.3 mm
Min0.15 mm
Maximum output size (mm) 1163 mm x 920 mm
Light sourceThermal laser 256 channels
Wavelength825 nm
Resolutions1200, & 2400 or 1270 & 2540 dpi
Productivity (pph)55 Plates per hour* (1030 mm x 800 mm, 2400 dpi)
InterfaceManaged via PC software
Plate loading automationMulti cassette autoloader (4 cassettes x 100, 0.3 mm plates)
Processor connectionBuilt in bridge
Punch systemAutomatic inline **
EnvironmentRecommended for optimum performance and image quality: Temperature 21°C to 25°C. Relative humidity 45-70%
Dimensions (W x L x H)Platesetter (including autoloader and output bridge)1900 mm x 3267 mm x 1331 mm
Weight - Platesetter & Autoloader1650 kg

*Productivity may depend on media sensitivity
**Punch units are available for all common configurations