XMF Remote Express V10.14

Easy to use online print job submission and approval system - Automation is key when it comes to keeping costs down and production up! Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow means printers can achieve this and more.

XMF Remote adds powerful web browser-based online job submission, previewing, approval and output control to Fujifilm’s XMF cross-media workflow. It enables you to expand the range of remote services you offer to your customers, speeding up job handoff, review, correction and turnaround, adding all the functionality of a web portal to your prepress production operation.


  • Clients can submit files online rather than by email
  • Send emails to clients to simply click’ and upload’
  • Provide online proof for quick online job approval
  • Reduce the number of touch points in the print production workflow
  • Install on the same PC hardware as used for the XMF workflow
  • Be up and running in less than one day

Upload, review and approve jobs from anywhere

Providing additional online services is a way for printers to involve their customers more closely by allowing them to drive the print production process themselves. XMF Remote allows XMF Workflow users to offer their customers online job upload, pre-flighting, proofing and approval facilities. In addition to speeding up approvals and streamlining production, the additional convenience for the customer helps the printer to retain and expand the business.