Fujifilm Superia ZX Plate

Fujifilm SUPERIA ZX is a processless thermal plate that utilizes 4 new breakthrough technologies pioneered by Fujifilm that provide speed and stability while improving press utilization to reduce startup and makeready waste.

The SUPERIA ZX processless CtP plate is Fujifilm’s replacement to the ZD. The ZX is a big step forwards compared to the older Super ZD. The plate is more robust, has a stronger image contrast, cleans up faster and has better scratch resistance. It is a drop-in replacement for a conventional plate and can be used by short, medium and long run commercial printers, who want all the benefits of going processless.


  • Cleans up quickly and has an improved image contrast
  • Drop-in replacement for Fujifilm processless plates and an easy conversion from other low chemistry or processless plates
  • Can be used by all forms of printing solutions, including short run, long run and even UV ink users

Faster Outpit

Due to Print Control Layer Technology, output speed and the stability is at an amazing level. This performance will contribute to reducing waste paper & ink, allowing for increased print time.

More durable

Due to Extreme Adhesive Bonding Technology, run length has increased dramatically. This performance will stably provide high printing quality even on the long run jobs.

Increased visibility

Due to High Colour Generation Technology, image visibility on the plate has improved. This performance will enable the customer to check the information on the plate easily, preventing the mistakes on site.

Better scratch-resistance

Processless Gumming Technology will prevent the ink stains caused from scratches, by hydrophilizing the surface of the aluminium. This performance will enable the customer to handle the plates without any stress.