Hybrid Anapurna LED Series

High-speed 4/6-color + white hybrid UV LED-curable inkjet system with a printing width from 1.65 to 3.2 m for indoor and outdoor applications.

The wide-format hybrid Anapurna LED series is a perfect fit for sign shops, digital printers, photo labs and mid-size graphic screen printers that want to combine board and roll-to-roll print jobs.

The engines print at a width up to 3.2 m and combine high quality with high productivity for outdoor and indoor, rigid and flexible wide-format jobs. The white ink function creates possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit applications or for printing white as a spot color. Go for the optional automatic board feeder to increase your productivity even more.

The hybrid Anapurna LEDs are fitted with air-cooled UV LED lights that save you energy, costs and time. Due to their minimal energy output, these LED lights are ideal for thin heat-sensitive materials. They also lead to faster operations as they can be switched on and off instantaneously.

Anapurna h1650i led

Key benefits

  • High-quality printing on a wide range of uncoated rigid media as well as on roll media
  • Robust industrial engineered concept fit for sustained higher workloads
  • UV LED lamps that enable printing on thermally sensitive materials and save costs, time and the environment
  • High productivity—enhanced even more by multiple board printing and/or automatic board feeding
  • UV LED ink for fast drying, material versatility and a very wide color gamut
  • Printing pre-, sandwich and post-white in one run
  • Thin Ink Layer technology for the lowest ink consumption in the market
  • Powered by Asanti workflow software


Solid design for great accuracy

Thanks to a reinforced belt drive and shuttle beam, the hybrid Anapurna printers bring a highly accurate dot positioning and thus excellent image quality, which is further enhanced by the gradient and multi-layer functionality. The eight 12 picolitre heads guarantee printing of good solids, fine text reproduction of up to 4 pt, good tonal rendering and low ink consumption.

UV LED lamps that save time, costs and the environment

The hybrid Anapurna printers are fitted with air-cooled 16 Watt/cm² UV LED lamps, which results in a number of unique advantages related to generating extra business, cost savings and environmental friendliness. These include a wider applications scope, higher productivity and less power consumption.

Latest generation of fast-firing print heads

Incorporating the latest generation of fast-firing print heads, the hybrid Anapurna’s offer an impressive throughput. They enable you to maintain a high print production on all substrates, satisfying even your most demanding customers.

Multiple board and automatic board printing

The Anapurna H2050i and H2500i can have an automatic board feeder added in order to increase productivity substantially. This optional table provides an automated solution for volume printing of small board sizes–up to four boards can be printed in parallel on the Anapurna H2050i LED and up to five boards on the Anapurna H2500i LED. The borderless printing feature makes post-finishing superfluous.

Flawless media handling

Media loading is smooth and accurate thanks to automated features such as the media registration bar and head height adjustment. The automatically controlled vacuum system, consisting of four zones, delivers an equal vacuum during the printing process, whether printing rolls or rigid materials. This ensures flawless media transport, giving accurate print results at all times.

Ink monitoring

During production the ink levels are monitored by the automatic ink refill system. The ink (re)filling system can be accessed easily, enabling a spotless refill of your ink containers. The white ink is managed by a fully separate system (circulation, under-pressure regulation and cleaning circuit). The tank containing it is equipped with a stirring mechanism to keep the ink properly mixed at all times.

Inflatable airshaft

In the roll-to-roll mode, inflatable airshafts both on the unwinding and rewinding side, as well as a media tension roller on the rewinding side, assure perfect tension of the materials and wrinkle-free printing. While these features are standard on the largest models, they come as options on the Anapurna H1650i LED, replacing the default combination of the metal unwinding shaft with media free fall.

Extended media tables

The Anapurna H2050i LED, the Anapurna H2500i LED and the Anapurna H3200i LED come standard with an additional set of large media tables that are coupled to the default smaller rigid media tables. This makes it possible to print on rigids up to a length of 3.2 m. With the entry-level Anapurna H1650i LED, these additional large media tables are optional.

More features

  • Reinforced beam for accurate dot placement
  • Automated media positioning bar mounted on table for the registration of rigids
  • Shuttle safety sensors to prevent print heads from touching the substrate
  • Ionization bar mounted on each side of the carriage to remove electro-static charges on the substrate
  • Powerful fastscan motor
  • Straightforward graphic user interface in a swivel-arm mounted touchscreen
  • Convenient user interface
  • Internal bitmap server with a HD of 1 TB for ripped images for fast spooling and secure transfer of big amounts of data
  • Network and USB3 (2) connection


  • Banners, posters, exhibition graphics, POP, mock-ups, backlit, frontlit, self-adhesives (labels)
  • Niche applications: wood, art reproductions, personalized object printing…
  • Party gadgets (beer coasters…)
  • Architectural and interior decoration, ceramics printing


Ananpurna H1650I LED

Ananpurna H2050I LED

Ananpurna H2500I LED

Ananpurna H3200I LED

Download the Anapurna H LED Series Brochure to see the full specification

ProductivityUp to 129 m²/h (up to 1,388 ft²/h) dependant on model
Image qualityUp to 720 x 1400 dpi
Text qualityPositive: 4 point / Negative: 6 point
Electricity380 V 3-phase star connection with Neutral wire (3 x 32 A) 50/60Hz 230V 3-phase delta connection without Neutral wire (3 x 32 A) 50/60 Hz
Compressed airOil free (class 1 according to ISO 8573-1 2010), 160 l/min compressor with 50 l barrel @6bar